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Gelişen teknolojiye hızlı bir şekilde adapte olan Uğur Laboratuvarı Bursa'nın en gelişmiş teknolojik alt yapısyla hizmet vermektedir.

Axsym Plus İmmunotetkik Analizörü (AxSYM / AxSYM Plus 5.0)

  • MEIA (Mikropartikül Enzim İmmuno Assay), FPIA (Floresan Polarizasyon Immuno Assay), IC (Ion Capture) ve REA teknolojileri ile ölçüm yapabilme
  • Tüm dünya üzerinde 20,000 adetten fazla kurulum
  • Geniş Test Menüsü
  • Bir seferde 90 hasta numunesi ve 20 farklı parametre yükleyebilme imkanı
  • Pıhtı detektörü, Barkod, LIS vb. uyumu sayesinde kolay ve güvenilir çalışma imkanı
  • Geniş Referans Listesi


COULTER® Ac·T diff™

  • One step sample processing with touch screen user interface
  • Automated probe wipe safely cleans the probe
  • Small 12 µL sample size permits whole blood analysis from both venous and capillary collections
  • Compact design lets you put the Ac·T diff anywhere
  • Results available in less than 60 seconds
  • Zero routine maintenance requirements and high system reliability help contain costs
  • Efficient data management with patient and control storage
  • Optional veterinary software


Dimension® Xpand® Plus System

  • Highly responsive — Run any test, at any time on any sample type
  • Built-in automation
  • Full disease-state profiling on a single analyzer — Over 90 methods and growing
  • Truly integrated processing of chemistry with uncompromised throughput
  • Consistency across all Dimension Xpand Plus and Rxl Max® platforms providing synergy across testing sites
  • Single Station, Multi-Tasking Workstation Connectivity


IMMULITE® 1000 Turbo Assays 

  • First results in less than 15 minutes
  • Additional results every 45 seconds
  • True STAT capability
  • Eliminates the need for batch testing
  • Up to 80 tests per hour
  • Real-time monitoring of results and tests in progress on color monitor


ImmunoCAP 100

The ImmunoCAP® system works by measuring IgE antibodies to specific allergens in human serum or plasma. Specific IgE is produced as a result of sensitisation to an allergen, and can be detected following exposure to that substance. The allergen is bound to a solid-phase carrier called the ImmunoCAP® which offers a high surface area for the test, providing quantitative measurements of IgE antibodies with high precision and reproducibility.

Autoimmune diseases detected include:

  • various forms of rheumatism
  • and a variety of skin diseases